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  • Big Tech Claims It’s Not Choking Competitors, but Data Suggests Otherwise
    av Shoshana Wodinsky på 17 juli, 2019 vid 22:07

    Some of the biggest household names in tech–Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon–faced the ire of lawmakers and regulators in Washington, D.C. earlier this week during the largest antitrust hearing in decades. Questions focused on market power and accused the companies of various practices–from buying out smaller firms to reshaping algorithms–that leave other tech and media… […]

  • Twitter Added a Broadcast-Scheduling Feature to Media Studio
    av David Cohen på 17 juli, 2019 vid 21:20

    Twitter added a broadcast-scheduling feature to its Media Studio. Product manager Kevin Takashi Cohen said in a blog post that the new feature will enable video producers to plan ahead with their production teams, as well as capture people’s attention before the broadcast starts and get more of them to tune in live. He also… […]

  • Netflix Misses Subscriber Growth Forecast, but Downplays Its Streaming Competition
    av Kelsey Sutton på 17 juli, 2019 vid 21:17

    With the upcoming loss of two of its most-streamed television series, The Office and Friends, Netflix has had a tough few weeks. On Wednesday, the company faced down another bout of bad news: The streaming service told investors it missed its paid membership growth forecast by nearly half. In the second quarter of 2019, Netflix’s… […]

  • Amazon Gets Rattled as Calls Grow for Reform
    av Lisa Lacy på 17 juli, 2019 vid 20:57

    It’s not often we see Amazon lose its cool. After all, this is the company that faced criticism about selling potentially biased and inaccurate facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies and didn’t break a sweat. Nor did it bat an eyelash when 8,000 employees asked for it to take a stronger stance on climate… […]

  • Parents Might Recognize These Humorous Signs of a Kid Running on an Empty Tank
    av Doug Zanger på 17 juli, 2019 vid 20:50

    Advertising things for kids, especially food, follow a predictable pattern. The little rascals are hungry, but damn if they’re not happy and excited to burst through the door to a get a little snack when tummies rumble. Then, impossibly perfect mom or dad gleefully puts together a spread, and everyone laughs their way to the… […]