Big Ideas is a truly agile advertising and marketing consultancy where the sole purpose is to create tangible value for our clients. We work in the span between brand development, core issues regarding your marketing plan and concept- and campaign development in all media channels. 

Our clients love our commitment to the business, the product and the people selling (and buying) their offering. Based on humbleness, experience, knowledge and strategic models we make them successful.


About Us

What can Big Ideas do for you?

Typical deliveries includes brand platforms, concepts and campaigns as well as design and full service assignments in advertising production. Operations swings over time to include commercial packaging and another day we act as a sounding board to management and boardrooms for evaluation and establishing digital business opportunities. Big Ideas is an advertising agency that offer senior advice within concept and business development and C-level marketing leadership – and we think we do it really well!

Small company – large clients?

Yep. Well, in all fairness – not always. We like to work as a spark plug in large companies in their different phases where it is needed. Sometimes brands need an overhaul, a new strong concept to work from or just a tune-up. We really don’t mind – our thing is to walk alongside our clients in their different need cycles. This means that we grow and strive upwards with our clients and have really long term relationships most of the time.

How do you do it?

We know a lot of people and live under the conviction that great people like to work together. This means that we have a large, tight and proven network of professionals that we use when needed. Producers, still- and film photographers, 3D artists, digital wizards, social media natives and overall awesome creatives. We think that an agency of today needs to be agile, fast moving, strong on ideas, resourceful and strive to be better all the time!

How about the numbers?

We are not making huge profits, but about 8-10% before EBITDA. Turnover has been on the rise over the past years and is currently at a rate of about 4 mil SEK: We are quite solid and strive to remain so in order to be a reliable partner for our partners and clients.

Industry News

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