Game-changing strategies are born of creative thinking: a spark of intuition, a connection between different ways of thinking and a leap into the unexpected.

We are here to connect the known and unknown to boost your creativity, brand and business. We aim to help you set targets for marketing and brand development and make them be a part of your business strategy.

We can be your strategic partner in harmonizing the marketing, brand and business strategy, we can be your strategic brand and advertising agency, we can be your interim resource to help your team get It done.

Above all, we can be the resource to balance the long and short of it.

Typical deliveries includes brand platforms, creative concepts and campaigns as well as design and full service assignments in advertising production. Operations swings over time to include commercial packaging and another day we act as a sounding board to management and partake in strategy discussions in boardrooms.

Big Ideas is a communication consultancy that offer senior advice within concept and business development and C-level marketing leadership – and we think we do it really well!

Our way of work

We think that a marketing consultancy or an agency of today needs to be agile, fast moving, strong on ideas, resourceful and strive to be better all the time!

In our experience, like our clients, we get bogged down by time constraints and costs, so we try to stay on our toes by being as lean as we can.

This means that we have a large, tight and battleproven network of professionals that we use when needed. Producers, planners, still- and film photographers, 3D artists, digital wizards, social media natives and overall awesome creatives.